Printed circuit design studio for Hobbyists, Students, OEM’s

Print your layers to any printer installed in your system, or generate Gerber files.

Set the layers to print.

If you are using Toner Transfer, select mirror for the component side. Solder side will print correctly.


Note I made the solder mask .0.010 bigger giving more space around pads.





















Photo plots only need one set-up as all layers are plotted at the same time.

Excellon drill file set-up for the mfrs I use. Check with yours.

Drill file as created for this example showing drill locations, Tools used ( T01, drill size) and hole count.

Drill file for a larger board with 896 holes and four drill sizes.

OOPS pcb manufacturers are using newer software. Here’s how you modify our Gerber photo plots for them.

Make sure all plot files show  G4 EZFILM

As you add layers click Mask box to enable them

After you add soldermask layers, go back to modify oversize