Printed circuit design studio for Hobbyists, Students, OEM’s

This is version  It contains the following changes.


1. Support for the mouse wheel.

  a. Move the wheel to scroll the view up/down.

  b. Hold Ctrl key down and move the mouse wheel to scroll right/left.

  c. Hold Shift key down and move the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.


2. A new "View/Fit to window" has been added.  It will scale the drawing to just fill the current view window.


3. Two new options have been added under File/Preferences/General (load a board or start a new board see File/Preferences).

  a. "Link show grid and snap to grid".  When checked on, the "show grid" and "snap to grid" commands will directly follow each other.  Turning one of them on/off turns the other one on/    off.  When not checked, "show grid" and "snap to grid" work independently of each other as before.

  b. "Drawing view tracks scroll-bar movement".  When checked on, moving the scroll bars will cause the drawing to scroll with the scroll bar movement.  When not checked it works as before, the view is not updated until moving the scroll bar ends.


4. When viewing a schematic sheet resizing the program window would result in the area outside the sheet not being cleared/drawn correctly.  This has been fixed.



             Ver24 had the following changes:



    1.    Changed wire traces to count as connected if the wires overlap.

    2.    A "Show Wire Tip" option has been added. This will show a white space where a wire overlaps when extending a lead.    This disappears when the connection is actually made.

    3.    Added a "dangling wire warning. Shows an unconnected wire when Design Check is run.

    4.    Made the error box dialog area bigger so messages will not be cut off.

    5.    Fixed a bug in the dialog that shows errors. It was not initially showing the flash location for the indicated problem.

    6.    Fixed an internal memory leak in the text table.

    7.    Fixed bug that was causing unconnected pins not to be reported.




    1.    Fixed bug in the Pour command. It will now do multiple pours in the same command and connect the new blocks together (if they have the same net name). Before if you poured two rectangles of GND that overlapped, they would not touch each other.

    2.    Moving objects will now do a "pan bump" if the screen edge is hit.



    1.    D and E sheet symbols have been fixed.

    2.    Grid snap is independent from the layout grid. You can now snap without showing the layout grid.



    1.    Zooming in/out with the hot key, Ctrl Home, Ctrl PgUp, Ctrl PgDn will now position on the cursor. NOTE you need to place cursor on a symbol part for this to work correctly.



Additional changes:

See www.ezr2000plus.com   click PDF Files ………...look at

……………. New Symbol Creation

Completely changed from your versions, much easier to use.


Pad table now has up to 1,000 pad descriptions available for use.



EZRoute2000 gives you  complete printed circuit design capabilities.

Draw your schematic, check the design for errors, create update file to send to the pcb editor.

Use this information to place your components, manually or automatically route traces .

Print, plot or make and view RS247X Gerber files with Excellon drill files for your board manufacturer.

Through hole and surface mount components, Imperial and Metric on the same pcb layout.

Single sided to multi layer boards.

Symbol and Library Editor.



I used .011” traces

In Edit, I selected Change All lines from .011 to .018”

I selected a trace segment

In Edit, Trace net

In Edit, Change all I changed this net to .030”

I changed the Vcc net to .030”

In Lines, you can break the trace and update a segment width

When drawing traces, stop, click and you will place a via and start drawing on the other side.

Select a pad, it’s number 3


In Edit, Change All


Change all pad 3 to 14



System pad table makes all pads that have been used match the settings. Footprints that have been saved will change. You have up to 1,000 pad definitions to use. These settings will show in all layouts.

The other pad table is for the board layout you are working on. Any changes will follow that layout only.

Request a demo

You will be able to do almost everything except for saving the schematic and board layouts. (Print them for reference).

Generate update files, import into  board, place footprints, add the schedule lines. Rotate and move footprints for best placement.

Print for Toner Transfer or generate RS2X Gerber photo plot files, generate Excellon drill files and send to your board mfr.